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Areyto Supportive Permanent Housing

Areyto provides permanent supportive housing for 20 individuals with mental health challenges and/or chemical dependency who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. These individuals tend to move and live exclusively within the Bridgeport area and generally lack a permanent address. 


Supportive Housing Goals

  • To provide safe, affordable housing with supports that will help residents to maintain recovery from substance abuse and mental health issues

  • Maximize residents’ self-determination and increase their daily living skills

  • To promote the appropriate use of community-based services (including decreased use of crisis and emergency services)

  • To engage individuals in a meaningful long-term recovery process which includes continued self- recovery, awareness and community responsibility. 


Supportive Services are coordinated by a team of case managers and a team leader.  Each manager has general knowledge of chemical abuse/mental health issues, housing and residential development services and vocational development services. Case managers are responsible for conducting assessments, developing service plans and mobilizing resources to enable residents to reach their service and program goals. 


Basic initial entry criteria at intake are:

  • Prospective residents should be homeless or at risk of homelessness using the HUD definition.

  • Prospective residents should have a diagnosis of chemical dependency/abuse or mental health disorder. 

  • Prospective residents referred by a social service or behavioral health provider.

  • Prospective residents should have recently completed a substance abuse treatment program and/or be engaged in active treatment or be willing to participate in active treatment.

  • Prospective residents should manifest recovery-oriented characteristics, i.e. self-determination, continued self-awareness and community responsibility. 

  • Prospective residents must have at least 90 days of abstinence. 

  • Prospective residents should be motivated to engage in social skills and progressive self-development activities with end towards the goal of becoming constructive tenant.


If you are interested in this program, please contact the program case manager or assistant case manager at 203.394.9933



Location: 665 Arctic Street Bridgeport, CT 06608

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