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Dear Community: During this COVID-19 crisis, please know that CASA is open and available to help you! While we have made some adjustments to our schedules, all of our services in Bridgeport and New Haven, including Residential, Outpatient, and Medication-Assisted Treatment are available. Please know that CASA is here to help our communities during this unprecedented healthcare crisis.

Culturally appropriate, compassionate behavioral health

and addiction treatment services.


The mission of Chemical Abuse Services Agency, Inc., better known as CASA, is to provide holistic and culturally competent community-based behavioral health services to individuals, families and communities seeking recovery from addiction, co-occurring disorders and related behavioral health issues. The organization utilizes recovery oriented approaches and evidence-based practices to develop services and operational strategies toward accomplishing this mission.

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Noble House Client

Noble House has provided the most valuable thing of housing and time, which allowed me the opportunity to get on my feet. Within seven months I am at the point where I know no longer need transitional housing. I am an example that this program works for those individuals dedicated to change and self-sufficiency. Thank you for your kindness and belief in helping those in need.

Multicultural Ambulatory Addictions Services Client

I came to MAAS almost five years ago and I was a big time mess. People never thought I could change. I even doubted it myself, but I must say that I have changed. I have become a good man and husband, father, son, brother and friend. I am thankful to this program for giving me myself and family back. Thank you for this chance! 

Multicultural Ambulatory Addictions Services Client

This program impacted all aspects of my life. I was able to stop the use of heroin with methadone support.  This program really helped me to rebuild my self-esteem and confidence, I was able to find a job and to keep it, I was able to establish a solid relationship and got married, and moved independently with my wife. Without the support of this program I won’t be here.

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