At the Heart of Recovery
Project Courage (PC) – 592 Kossuth St. Bridgeport, CT – 203-339-4777

Project Courage is a multi-level outpatient program serving adult, pregnant or parenting women from the Greater Bridgeport area. This gender specific program offers two levels of care (day/evening treatment and low-level outpatient) designed to work mutually. While these levels allow for variances in treatment intensity based on client needs, they also offer flexibility and a degree of continuity in servicing clients. As Project Courage is designed to remove some of the traditional barriers for women in need of treatment, transportation to the program is available for women residing in the city of Bridgeport, as are drop-in baby-sitting services and lunch while clients are in treatment. Emphasis is placed on participation in self-help recovery group meetings and/or other community and spiritually based supports.
The PC clinic also functions as a psychiatric outpatient center offering basic psychiatric evaluation and follow up services to the women being served. PC works closely with local faith-based housing programs as well as the Department of Children and Families and local criminal justice programs. The program is staffed by compassionate bilingual, bicultural substance abuse and co-occurring professionals. Given the prevalence of trauma in the histories of individuals with substance abuse and mental health disorders, PC clinicians are trained in multiple approaches to treating trauma for the women we serve.
Services include:

Individual and Group Therapy

Psychiatric Evaluation and Follow-up

Auricular Acupuncture

Family Counseling

HIV/AIDS/STD Testing and Counseling

Trauma Therapy

Relapse Prevention Group

Urine/Drug Screens


Those seeking access to this program should contact the intake and screening department at 203-339-4777.